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******Siouxland Youth Hockey Association (SYHA)******
Individual & Player Photos


Early 70's SYHA Players Dress for Practice
SYHA players dress for practice at the Sioux City Auditorium. No locker rooms were available during the early seasons of youth
hockey and players dressed in the Auditorium halls. After several seasons, the dressing area was moved to the stage at the north end of the rink.

The Spring of 1971 brought together several Sioux City citizens in hopes of forming a Kids Hockey Program. Initially a budget of $1000.00
was set to construct an outdoor rink and purchase miscellaneous equipment. Goals for the season was to create an Intra-City competition
for each of the three age groups as well at to proved uniforms for the travel teams.

June 6th, 1971 board members approve the name "Siouxland Youth Hockey Association"

Practices were held outdoors at Hubbard Park (28th & Jones) and Gillman Terrace (Bomgaars Store on Hamilton) a regular basis.
Eventually, additional ice times was scheduled at the Auditorium. Youth hockey promotions were also paired with the Sioux City
Eagles home games at the Auditorium.

Selling Christmas greens is first discussed as a fundraiser. As are joint promotions between the SYHA and the Sioux City Eagles.

The first ever SYHA Practice was November 27th, 1971.  SYHA fees were $4.00 for boys 13 and under and $8.00 for boys 14 and up,
 plus a $1.50 insurance fee. this was refundable if your sold over $10.00 of Christmas greens!!!

The organization played several games at each level and had 100 players participate in the Peewee, Bantam and Midget/Juvenile levels.

This would be the first official season of Siouxland Youth Hockey Association (SYHA). As last season closed and this season started, Hubbard
Park was the secured location for SYHA play. There were also boards in place, a warming house, outdoor lighting and a commitment from the
City to create and maintain the ice surface. However, most of the maintenance was performed by SYHA parents and players.

This was the USHL Musketeers first season in Sioux City and owner Gary Lipshutz was quick to offer-up some cross promotions and also
to help fund some of the SYHA early start-up costs.
Future direction for the next season included promotion of the new organization, a better ice surface and HS/Juvenile travel game schedule

Christmas Greens becomes a staple of SYHA fundraising. Inaugural season sales of $2800.00 in greens, netted the association a much
needed $1100.00. WISH members (Women Interested in Siouxland Hockey) organize the first SYHA Pancake Day; help on April 7th
in the WoolCo (now ShopKo) parking lot.

Official SYHA colors were announced; Green and gold mirroring the California Golden Seals uniforms.

Registration Fees: $8.00 PeeWees, $10.00 Bantams & $15.00 Midget/Juvenile


The season would start out again based mainly with practice on the outdoor rink but the major goal of the association is to move to more indoor
ice time at the Auditorium.  The age limit to join SYHA was lowered to include the Squirt age group.

The Musketeers and SYHA continue to maintain a close relationship with Musketeer player Pete Inkster being appointed to the SYHA board.

Collection of coat hangers and Diet Rite & RC Cola bottle tops are additional fund raiser promotions this season.

On Saturday February 16th, the Squirt group plays 8 minutes of hockey between periods at the Musketeer game.
On Sunday, February 17th, all four SYHA groups ride the bus to Worthington, MM. to play games. Cost of the bus ticket is $4.00

Pancake Breakfast is moved to the Auditorium, March 2nd and is organized by the Woman's Hockey Auxiliary (WISH) Chairman Maxine Leibowitz

Registration Fees: Squirts & Peewees $8.00, Bantams  $10.00 and Midget/Juvenile-$15.00. This includes a jersey and insurance!!!
Auditorium Ice Time is $35.00 per hour


A gaining popularity of youth hockey in Sioux City required that the eligible age was again lowered to include Mite aged players (5-8). Eight
5 year olds tip-toed on the ice that season and two of them, Duane Erickson and Brian Reynolds became the first SYHA Players to go
completely through the SYHA program.

SYHA embarks on a regular home and travel schedules. Both hosting at the Auditorium and traveling to surrounding locations Iowa & Nebraska.

SYHA Registration Fee: Mites, Squirts, Peewees $10.00  Bantam & Midget/Juvenile $15.00  / Auditorium Ice Tine is $25.00 per hour

This season would mark the First Annual Year-End Tournament. This featured all the house league team in a play-off format to determine a
house league championship. This would be the first season for the SYHA House League program.

The Ted Neby Award would be established and will be awarded at the completion of each season. Named for one of the Founding
Fathers of the SYHA program. Mite player Kirk Swanson would be the first recipient of this award.

SYHA Proposes that the following season all players will be required to wear a helmets with attached facemask

March 13th featured a single-day special Sioux City showcase tournament at the Auditorium. Designed specifically to promote the new
options for organized indoor youth and high school hockey in now available in Sioux City.
The Mites, Squirts, Peewees and Bantams would play single elimination tournaments with the winning teams receiving sponsor trophies.
The event had such amenities as the National Anthem, Public Address announcements of all players, Music from the Mighty Wurlitzer
organ, an exhibition with the Musketeers and the Jr. Musketeers taking on Dordt College.

SYHA Awards Banquet held on March 11th at the KD Station.

1975-76 First Annual Kiwanis SYHA Year End Tournament
This first Annual House League tournament show-cased youth hockey to the Sioux City area. In only its fourth year,
SYHA fielded a group of 220 plus hockey players in five different age groups.

The Siouxland Kiwanis Club graciously picked up the tab for much of the tournament costs. This included the ice time, programs,
tickets, concessions and even donated all the costs of that season's travel jerseys back to SYHA.  Over the next several seasons
Kiwanis would continue with this generous support that really helped the SYHA gain a solid foothold in Sioux City!!! 

Adam Paint and General Business Equipment face off during the Mites House League Championship game.
In the first round, Adam Paint defeated Denny's Standard 5-0 and General Business defeated Thompson Electric 3-1.
After scoring 2 goals in the first game, Rob Casper will score three goals this game, including the OT winner.

Played at the Sioux City Auditorium.  Note: No Player Benches. Fence instead of Glass and player masks are still optional.

1976 House League Championship Medal Presentation

Bob Post hands out Traditional SYHA Medals to the players of the Mites division; Adam Paint defeated General Business
Equipment in the championship game by a score of 4-3. Rob Casper was the games Most Valuable Player.
Note: Fence instead of Glass and player masks are still optional..

Did You Know...The Squirts Light Boutique House League team only won two games the entire season...
The Qualifying and Championships games!!!

1975-76 Bryce Burdick Dennie's Standard Mites

Taken at the Sioux City Auditorium during the first annual SYHA Year End tournament held on March 13th, 1976

1975-76 Mites Coaches Dave Adam and Bruce Burdick
Players Facing Camera: Matt Meyer, Doug Kartio, Doug Johnson / Kenny Poskevich, Bruce Wiskus
SYHA players get some instruction during the 75-79 SYHA House league season. Mite Division (No Tykes yet) house league
sponsors included Adam Paint, Dennie's Standard, General Business Equipment & Thompson Electric.

Did You Know...The Squirts Light Boutique House League team only won two games the entire season...
The qualifying and Championships games!!!

1975-76 Mites                        
Brian and Wendell Reynolds                 

 Taken during the 75-76 SYHA season. Brian's dad Wendell straps 
 on the blades at old Sioux City Auditorium. This was home for Youth
 Hockey for 20+ seasons.        

 Several of these seasons pre-dated a Zamboni, Plexi-glass boards,
traditional player benches and other modern-day rink amenities!!!

 Brian was the first of two SYHA players to have the distinction of going
 "Completely Through" the Siouxland Youth Hockey program. He entered
 the program during the 74-75 season as one of the first ever 5 Year-old
 players. Thirteen seasons later, he and Duane Erickson would graduate
 at the start of the Metro's High School League dominance beginning
 in the late 80's and lasting till 2000!!!

Mark Post would go on to be the lone third player to  go completely
through the program. He would graduate a season later as a State
Tournament Champion runner-up.



The Auditorium gets it first Zamboni this year forcing the snow shovels and the Black Knight carts into storage. Facemasks become mandatory
and early morning practices begin.

Registration Day for SYHA on September 14, featured an ice cream and cake social under the big tent at in the Northwestern National Bank
parking lot. This gathering also held the annual used equipment sale.

 SYHA would design and approve the Little Joe logo as the official jersey patch for al  travel team jerseys. A donation by the Exchange
Club of Sioux City would cover this expense of purchasing 65 of these jersey patches.

AHAUS Approved facemasks become mandatory equipment for the 76-77 season

SYHA Registration Fee: Tykes, Mites, Squirts, Peewees $15.00  Bantam & high school $20.00 / Auditorium Ice Tine is $27.50 per hour

The SYHA Year-end banquet would feature a unique treat-Buffalo burgers!!! "Hat Trick" the buffalo was purchased and donated by Bob
Bennett and Jim Cuthbert.  IHSHL President and Iowa State Head Coach Al Murdock is the guest Speaker. Awards for most valuable,
sportsmanship and most improved are presented to players in all six age groups.  Jr. Musketeer Brian Hartman is presented the IHSHL's
Leading Scorer Award by league President Al Murdock. Held March 24th at the Marina Inn.

 1976 Rivercade Parade
In the summer of 76 SYHA would participate in their first Rivercade Parade entering both a Float and running a booth selling hot
buttered corn-on-the-cob.

Left: 1976 Rivercade SYHA and AYH (Adults for Youth Hockey) Floats. Center: Bantam Kraig Lohry holds on to the Bantam
Championship trophy.  Right: Hockey moms and dads get ready to build the float with some liquid starting fluid!!!


Squirts House League Musketeers intermission
Squirts House league. Chesterman Company faces-off against Laurence's Foods during the intermission of the Musketeer game

Mites House League Practice
Left: House League Teams Hagen Company (yellow) and General Business Equipment (orange) practice in their half if the ice.
Right: Coach Chuck Schmith helps out during a Mites practice

Tykes coach AJ James herds cats Right: Coach Mike Sexton runs the Mites practice

Peewees Brad Hanson and Craig Stoever talk shop with two Waterloo players. Back then...players often stayed with local families
or "Billet Families instead of hotels.

Left: Coach Wayne Blanche take the Peewees through Practice. I know that red "89" jersey!!! Right: Practice at the Audi


Left: Peewees Rich McLaughlin, Brad Hanson and Craig Stoever at practice. Right: The view from row 5!!!

Peewees vs Waterloo
Played at McElroy Auditorium Waterloo, IA


Peewees vs. Sioux Falls
Games played at the County/State Fair Grounds / December 18th, 1976
Left: Games played at the County/State Fair Grounds.   Right: Coaches Wayne Blanche & Dave Adam and players
Billy Emerick, Andy Davis and Jeff Kentner utilize every inch of space in the very small "locker rooms".
Left: Brad Hanson, Bryan McClain, Craig Thompson and Andy Davis see that space is tight in Sioux Falls.  Right: The first win of the
season takes some of the C-C-C-Cold away!!!


Bantams vs. Omaha

Left: Coaches Jerry Klein, Bob Bennett, Alex Shibicky and Steve Bridenbaugh   Right: Coach Steve Bridenbaugh


Bantams vs. Kansas City


2nd Annual SYHA Year End Tournament
March 19th & 20, 1977
The regular house league season saw all five age groups (Tykes, Mites, Squirts, Peewees & Bantams) play over 150 house league games,
all at the Auditorium. The house league season culminated with a two day long tournament in which General Business/Mites, Denies
Standard/Tykes, Chesterman Co/Squirts, Electric Engineering/ Peewees and Molstad Distributing/Bantams all earned victories.

Left: Molstad Distributing winger Troy Lanagan heads down ice vs. Walensky's Lumber in the Championship Game. Musketeer
player Billy Fedorick (Sioux City Musketeers 1976-77) officiates.
Doug Kissella of Casa Del Ray shows that come play-off time, hockey players are tough no matter what age!!!

PeeWee Consolation Game: People's Furniture (Blue) vs. Thompson Electric (White). People's would go on to win 4-2


Electric Engineering PeeWee Champions              General Business Equipment  Mites Champions


SYHA Banquet
Marina Inn, South Sioux City, Ne / March 24th, 1977
Over 500 players, coaches, parents and friends gathered for the annual banquet. IHSHL President and Iowa State Head Coach Al Murdock
was the guest speaker. He talked about the development of the new programs both  as groups and individual players. He also had a major emphasis
 on the completion of the first IHSHL season. He would also present  Jr. Musketeer Brian Hartman the IHSHL's Leading Scorer Award.

 The SYHA Year-end banquet would feature a unique treat-Buffalo burgers!!! "Hat Trick" the buffalo was purchased and donated by
hockey dad's Bob Bennett and Jim Cuthbert. 

PeeWee Barry Jensen  Shows-off his Sportsmanship Award Right: Squirt Coaches Coach 1 ???, Coach 2 ???, Bob Post and
 Coach 3 ??? stand with award winners Doug McCuddin MVP, Rex Hofer Sportsmanship and Bryan Swartzel Most Improved Player

Left: Bantams Coach Alex Shibicky, Kathy Lohry and another Guest Right: Alex Shibiky, Guest 1, Guest 2, Sheri Wiffen

Left: Hockey moms Carolyn Stoever and Kathy Richou Right: Bob Bennett displays his SYHA Thanks for a great meal!!!

Left: Alex Shibicky and Steve Bridenbough hand-out Bantam awards Right: Coach Chuck Schmith and the Mites

Left: High School Coach Pete Inkster talks about the first IHSHL season and the excitement of playing in the championship game.

SYHA is just six season old and already it has produced a high school team that has finished twice as runner-up state champs, an organization
placing players in all age groups, a house league program that would boast over 150 games and fielding travel teams tested with play from teams
from Iowa, Nebraska and Minnesota. This would be SYHA most successful season so far.

New Dasher Boards Glass arrives in Sioux City - gone is the chain-link fence that personified old-time hockey.

Letters and service bars are introduced this season for players team jackets.

SYHA Registration Fee: Tykes, Mites, Squirts, Peewees $25.00  Bantam , JV & Varsity $30.00 / Auditorium Ice Tine is $27.50 per hour

1977 Rivercade Parade

SYHA Banquet
Marina Inn, South Sioux City, Ne / March 23rd, 1978
Over 600 players, coaches, parents and friends gathered for the annual banquet. SYHA Past President  & board member Dave Adam
was the Master of Ceremonies. SYHA is only six season old and is very successful so far. This is due to a tremendous group of parents &
volunteers that have worked tirelessly at making SYHA a long-term organization.

1977-78 Tykes House League Award Winners                1977-78 Squirts House League Award Winners  
Left: Coaches Chuck Schmith, Greg Sexton, Ken Biggerstaff, A.J. James  Awards: Sportsmanship: Mike Sexton,
Spence Van Rooyan & Mike Scott, Most Improved Player: Brian Burke
Right: Coaches Tony Levich, Bob Post, Butch Newman  Awards: MVP: Rex Hoffer, Sportsmanship: Kirk Swanson
Most Improved Player: Mike Adam

1977-78 PeeWee House League Award Winners                1977-78 Bantam House League Award Winners  
  Left: Coaches Wayne Blanche & Rick Suggitt   Awards:  Sportsmanship: Aaron Eason, MVP: Brad Hanson
Most Improved Player:
Brian Kearnes
Right: Coaches Steve Bridenbaugh Awards: MVP: Robert Womburg, Sportsmanship: Dan Holzrichter,  
Most Improved Player:
Barry Jensen 


Squirts vs. Windom  (MN) Eagles
December 10th. 1977 Sioux City Auditorium



Peewees vs. Des Moines
Left: Brad Hanson carries the puck up ice  Right: Coaches Rick Suggit and Wayne Blanche watch the action


Peewees vs. Mason City

Peewees vs. Omaha
PeeWee Jay Morfitt skates in a March 4th, 1978 game vs O.M.A.H.A.

Left: Ted O'Brien Center: Brad Riggen Right: Ted O'Brien

Left: PeeWee Brad Hanson and Right: Doug McCuddin

1977-78 PeeWees
The PeeWees pose for a shot of the Ames Tournament Champions. The celebration continues in the locker room. These games back then,
were played in the Hilton Coliseum, home of  Iowa State Cyclones basketball.

            Brad Hanson                                                              Adam Paint House League Champs

Left: Adam Paint's Brad Hanson tries to move the puck up ice away from the pressure from an unidentified Thompson Electric
player. Brad would received the Peewees House League Group's Most Valuable Player Award.
Right: Adam Paint poses for a team shot of the Peewee Year-End Tournament House league Champions. Pictured are Coaches
Bob Eason and Wayne Blanche, back row is Mark Graber, Doug McCuddin, Craig Stoever & front row is Brett Kieler, Ted
O'Brien, Brad Hanson, Doug Richou & Aaron Eason

Iowa State Cyclone Hockey Camp
Ames, IA

Ames Hockey Camp was a very popular camp at the time. It was most often a player's first  pro-longed-away-from-home camp
and ran typically in 6 day sessions. The camp was held at the Hilton Coliseum, home of the Iowa State Cyclones basketball games.

SYHA Players pictures are; Front: Doug Richou, Craig Stoever, Brad Hanson, Ted O'Brien and Brett Kieler. In the Back: are
Jay Morfitt, Chap Cuthbert (polo shirt), Eddie Kieler, Doug Richter, and Todd Savory.

Bantam Games

Any players/numbers look familiar???
Anyone remember who these two teams are, Red Jerseys ??? and the Orange Jerseys???
Left: Mark Adam applies pressure to the defenders breakout  Right: Bob Batcheller tries to out race the D.

Left: Referee Wayne Blanche gets the game going     

SYHA Year End Tournament
March 18th & 16th, 1978 / Sioux City Auditorium
The Third annual year-end tournament held at the Auditorium. This two-day tournament produced winners from each age division.
Tykes/Holtzen Homes, Squirts/National Roofing,/

Left: Adam Paint forward Jeff Ahlquist and  Right: Defensemen Doug McCuddin and Doug Richou

Left: PeeWee goaltender Kelly Verdorn  Right: Wayne Blanch at the helm as the Jr. Musketeers take in the Windom Eagles

Left: PeeWee Coach Wayne Blanche thinks he can play goal too!!! Right: Wayne makes good on a wager (March19, 1978)

SYHA Pancake Day 
November 26th, 1977 / Sioux City Auditorium
All the PeeWee House League Player take the ice for Pancake Day Introductions


As part of the Auditorium modernization (Zamboni & Glass) February of 79 brought a new scoreboard to the auditorium. This displayed in
addition to the usual information, penalty times and numbers. This new scoreboard was courtesy of the Chesterman Coca-Cola Bottling


SYHA Year End Tournament
March 18th & 16th, 1978 / Sioux City Auditorium

Fourth Annual SYHA Year-End Tournament

House League PeeWees
Year End Tournament Championship Came
Left: People's Furniture Tom Luenhagen and Corky Rooland shoot on goalie Chris Engle Right: Molstad Distributing Winger
 Troy Levich tries to sneak one past goaltender Kelly Verdoorn. People's would go on to win the game 4-3

House League Squirts
Year End Tournament Championship Came
Right: Now Referee, Wayne Blanche drop the puck in the Battle of the Electricians championship game. Lessman Electric would defeat
Warren Electric, 4-2, to win the Squirts year end tournament. Spence VanRooyan would have a hat trick in this game


Bantams Coach Wayne Blanch watched the house league action with Bantams Bob Batcheller (Sportsmen's) and
Brad Riggen (Cargo Carriers)

1979 Exchange Club Banquet

Bruce Burdick Exchange Club President presents a check for $500.00 to SYHA Board Member , Dave Adam, Bob Post & John Saville
Squirts Chris McGowan and Billy Emerick are also pictured

1978-79 SYHA Board Members

Ted Carlson puts on a smile for this photo, but knows his showing in the Big Glasses Contest is not going to be good!!!

Board Members Back: Gentleman 1 ???, Ted Carlson, Steve Bridenbaugh
Maxine Lebowitz, Gentlelady 2 ????, Sara Post

Not Pictured: Bob Bennett, Dave Adam, Ben Hanson, Robert Hartman, Doug Hodgins, Mike O;'Brien, Curt Stoever
& Craig Thompson


House League Tykes

House League Mites
Referee Dave Adam gets the D.A. Davis vs. Coca-Cola game going as center Scott Culbertson and Shane Martin wait for the draw.
Right: More Coca-Cola vs. D.A. Davis house league action.
#1 Burke Lake, #9 Dale Frerichs, #4 Todd Brinkerhoff  D.A. Davis: #4 Jon Davis

House League Squirts
Left: Referee Paul Kambach and Right Referee Mike Bennett drop the puck in a Warren Electric vs. Crouse Cartage match-up.
Paul Kambach and Mike Bennett were both members of the Jr. Musketeers Class of '80 Team.

Did You Know...Mike Bennett would go on to play two seasons (80-82) for the Sioux City Musketeers (USHL)

House League PeeWee


This season would mark the 10th season of Siouxland Youth Hockey.

For the first time, two SYHA teams would venture into Minnesota for tournament play. Both the Peewee and Bantam teams would play in
the "A" brackets. They did not win, but instead were worthy opponents in each of their games. The big news here was that our 10 year old
program was on track with other established & older programs in the State of Hockey.

A policy change at the Auditorium regarding local event tenants caused SYHA to explore new avenues for ice time. In the Summer of '81 an
inflatable Bubble was purchased and would be the new hone of SYHA hockey events. It was relocated from Jackson, Tennessee to Sioux
Sioux City where it was constructed and completed before the start of the new season.

This SYHA hockey season would start at the Bubble. An air filled dome that was always 20 degrees colder than outside, it was the only
indoor building that often carried a wind-chill factor!!!  This would be the home of SYHA & the Metros for only one season. A storm
the following summer would destroy the bubble.

SYHA Awards Banquet
Marina Inn / South Sioux City / March 23rd, 1982
Left: PeeWee Head Coach Jimmy Peck presents Goalie Scott Patrick with the group's Most Improved Player Award.
Right: Punky Moteberg one of the Mites Head Coaches and coach of the Designers house league team team gathers with his players as the
get ready to present the team awards.

Jimmy Peck: Played four seasons (74-78) and recorded 249 points in 187 games. In 1977 he was the Musketeer Most Valuable
& USHL's Leading Defensive Scorer. Jim's 282 total points makes him the third highest Musketeer Scorers of all time.
After the Musketeers, Jimmy too would stay in Sioux City and make huge contributions to SYHA and High School teams. In 1994 and
2003 he would lead the Metros to a pair State/League Championships.
In 1989 Jimmy would be voted into the Musketeer Hall of Fame.

Scott Patrick: Would go on to play four seasons for the Metros. His last two seasons were the very beginnings of a Metro's IHSHL
Dynasty that was forming, one that would last over ten seasons. Scott was a 4-time  IHSHL All-State Team selection and a 2-time All-Star
participant. He would play two seasons for the Chicago Showcase Mid-west team.

House League
Designers  vs. Coca-Cola Semi Final game

The Designers take on Coca-Cola in the opening round of the SYHA Year End Tournament. Designers would win this game 3-2 and
advance to the championship game. They would take on Culligan Soft Water and win again 3-2. Matt Lester would be selected as the
tournament's Most Valuable Player. Dropping the puck is SYHA coach Mike O'Brien and taking the face off in white is Jade Pospeshil.


May and July of '82 would deal a pair of devastating blows to the SYHA program. In May of that year the Iowa DOT discovered a "cracks"
in the steel structure of the newly erected Veteran Memorial Bridge and was closed to traffic for the next two years. In June a severe storm
destroyed the Bubble but left most of the other equipment in disarray but still in a salvageable condition. SYHA was in a dilemma with no building
and no way to get there.

Enter Ted and Mary Jo Carlson and the Nebraska Inn Keepers Association. The Carlson would make arrangements for the land to be secured
as well as a new lager sized metal building be constructed on the same site. The Siouxland Ice Arena Association would transfer all equipment
and supplies to Siouxland Youth Hockey Association. The new " Marina Inn Convention Center"  was completed and ready for the start of the '83
hockey season.

The Peewee and Bantam age groups become the newest members of the Midwest Hockey League (MWL)


1982 Rivercade Parade
SYHA Players march in the 82 Rivercade Parade.



Sioux City Places its first two teams (Bantams & Peewees) into the Midwest Hockey League. Sioux City will also host the MWL
Year-End Peewee A & B  Tournaments.

Registration Fees: Tykes -Peewees: $60.00 Bantams & High School $70.00 / Auditorium Ice Time 55.00 per hour

Mark Adam Jr. Musketeers/Metros 78-81
(Metros Class of '82) cleans the ice at the Carlson Event Center.

 Mark was one of the original SYHA players and played  four seasons (77-81) as a Jr. Musketeer/Metro. He was a tremendous athlete
and a huge impact player. He valiantly served as the team leader every season he played. He always had his team-mates back and had to
do so on several occasions.
After graduation, he stayed in Sioux City where he ran the Bubble (later the Carlson Event Center) and also joined the SYHA coaching
 program.  In 1986, the high school team came calling and Mark took a spot as the team's Assistant Coach. His first season saw the team
finish third in the State Tournament but improve the following season with a second place finish. These two seasons were also the very
beginnings of a Metro's IHSHL Dynasty that was forming, one that would last over twelve seasons.



Top: Matt Lester, Jade Pospeshil and Chris Lofswold
Kneeling: Jeret Pospeshil and Corey Lofswold


Chris Lofswold, Brian Augustine, Jade Pospeshil, Matt "The Hat" Lester and Mark Sexton





Matt Lester        Jade Pospeshil                      Chris Sorum   Jade Pospeshil   Brian Augustine
Metros 1987-90           Metros 1988-92                             Metros 1988-91     Metros 1988-92         Metros 1988-91 

1983-84 SYHA/Optimist Club Hockey Skills Competition Winners
Left to Right: Mites Mike Kramer, Terry Reeves, Corey Dixon,  Squirts: Brian Augustine, Chris Sorum, Jade Pospeshil
PeeWees: Chad Sheehan, Shane Martin, Curt Argo

Registration Fees are as follows: Tykes -Peewees: $80.00 and Bantams - High School : $90.00 / $50.00 Building Assessment Fee.

Did You Know...SYHA PeeWee Goaltender Jesse Basarich appeared in The Hockey News as the Jofa Player of the Month

After a season in the Bubble and three more at the Marina Inn Convention Center, SYHA  returns to the Auditorium for all it schedule practice
and game times.

Five SYHA Bantam players (Tracy Brunken, Shane Keith, Bert Post, Chad Markham and Dale Frerichs) were invited to try-out for  the
AHAUS Bantam Select team.  Try-outs were held in Big Rapids, MI and was limited to only 100 invitations.



Due to low player numbers, The Peewee and Bantam teams will be combined. All players will play in the Bantam division with the exception of
 freshmen aged players will have the option to play on the high school team.

Long time coach, supporter, board member and Midwest League Representative Bob Post, relocates to Sioux Falls, SD where he plays a huge
part in the development of the Sioux Falls youth hockey and high school programs.

Low SYHA player participation at the older ages, forces an elimination of the Bantam program. All Bantams become high school players
on either the Varsity or JV teams.

SYHA experienced a record low number of skaters this season; only 175 players registered to play hockey.

Bantams A team plays Tournament in Seattle, WA. Detail to follow

Registration Fees: new Skaters $40.00 (+20.00 AHAUS) Other Skaters $140.00 (+ 20.00 AHAUS) / Auditorium Ice Time $75.00 per hour

Assistant Coach Bob Batcheller & Head Coach Bob Post
Sioux City Ice Hawks (Squirt Travel)

1989 SYHA Year End Tournament
Mites / March 18th
4-Bob's Boot Shack vs. Noon Lions Club-3

Trent Mozak                                                              Brent Sanders         
Metros 1995-98                                                                               Metros 1996-99           
Left: Trent Mozak gets some pursuit pressure from Dane Delaney in this opening day of the SYHA Year End Tournament.
Brent Sanders lines up on the wing hoping Trent can win the draw. Trent and Brant would both score goals as well
as Kasey Vergith grabbing two red-lighters as Bob's defeats the Lions Club.

Did You Know...
this years group of Mites  featured nine young players who would go on to play three or more seasons for the
Metros. Tim Johnson, Jeff Kempter, Brent Sanders, Trent Mozak, Kyle Worner, Willie Persinger, Matt LeGree,
Matt Tonjum
and Greg Gill would also win back-to-back State/League Championships in 1998 and 1999.

   Greg Gill                                                     Trent Mozak           Brent Sanders
Metros 1996-99                                                           Metros 1996-99              Metros 1996-99
All three players, Greg Gill, Trent Mozak and Brent Sanders, will go on to play three seasons for the Metros. During their sophomore
seasons the Metros would grab a third place finish at the State/League tournament after  a two season absence. Their Junior and Senior
season would mark the return of  Sioux City's dominance of the then Iowa High School Hockey League winning back-to-back
Tournament Championships. Trent Mozak would go on to play four seasons in the USHL playing for his hometown Musketeers.

   Kasey Vergith                                                  Bobby Bates       Brent Sanders
                                                                                                                                 Metros 1996-99

Left: Kasey Vergith would find the net twice in the opening round game of the Year End Tournament as Bob's would defeat the
Noon Lions Club 4-3. He would remain on a hot streak the next day scoring three goals in the 6-3 championship win over
Grehill Academy. Future Metro player and also a back-to-back State/League Champion, Kyle Worner would score a goal for Grehill.
He would go on to play a pair of season in the North American League and then two more playing in the USHL for the Tri-City Storm.

              Bobby Bates                                          Bobby Bates           Brent Honsbruch
Left: Bobby Bates would grab wins between the pipes in both game this weekend. Right: Defenseman Brent Honsbruch helps Bobby
protect the net.

               Mike Foreman                                             Nick Welch           Tom McInnis
Left: Mike Foreman Right: Nick Welch would light the lamp twice and Dane Delaney once but wasn't enough as the Nooners
fell a goal short in the opening round.  Tom McInnis would record an assist in Sunday's Championship game.


1989 SYHA Year End Tournament
Mites / March 19th
6-Bob's Boot Shack vs. Grehill Acadamey-4
Championship Game
Bob's Boot Shack defeats Grehill Academy 6-4. Kasey Vergith scores a hatrick and Trent Mozak and Brent Sanders each add a
pair of assists. Grehill Academy forwards, and future Metro players, Golden Hughes and Kyle Worner score goals and Willie
Persinger adds an assist.

1989 Mite House League Champions
Bob's Boot Shack
Left to Right: Mark Beherns, Brent Sanders, Tom McInnis, Kasey Vergith, Bobby Bates, Brent Honsbruch, Trent Mozak,
Brandon O'Neil, Mike Foreman and Nate Christensen. Head Coach Craig Stoever and Assistant Coach Roger Honsbruch

Head Coach Craig Stoever
Metros 1980-83



Sioux City Hosts the IHSHL Junior Varsity (JV) State Tournament.

Lessman Electric House League

Tyler Postello, Tim Johnson, Robbie Lessard, Matt LeGree, Player F1???, Chad Blanche, Player F2 ???

Meeting the Great One
February 15th, 1990
Every kid's dream to get a chance to meet the Great One, and the best spot for that chance was the Thunderbird Motel. This is where all the
teams stayed when in Minneapolis to play the North Stars. Mite Robbie Lessard got his chance to meet Wayne as the Kings were in town for a
Thursday nigh game (February 15th)  This would not be Robbie's last meeting with Wayne and the following summer he would be selected to the
Coca-Cola Future Stars Program where he would meet and learn from some of the game's start players of the day.


Sioux City Hosts the IHSHL Junior Varsity (JV) State Tournament.

Coca-Cola Future Stars Program
Great Western Forum / Inglewood, Ca / March 2nd, 1991
In February of 1991, Robbie Lessard was selected as one of the Coca-Cola Future Stars camp participants. There he got a chance to
watch the Kings pre-game skate as well as an afternoon on-ice session with Wayne Gretzky and several other of the Kings players.
That evening they watched the Kings take on the Winnipeg Jets.


Sioux City and SYHA host the USA Hockey Central District Tournament. March 20th-22nd, 1992 at the Sioux City Auditorium.

SYHA hosts the Pete Inkster Memorial Tournament, Peewee B and Squirts A, the Midwest League Squirt A second round tournament and the
Peewee A & Peewee B finals tournament. Sioux City will also host the IHSHL Junior Varsity State Tournament.

1993 Midwest League Champions
St Joseph, MO / February 27-28

Members of the 92-93 Squirt A Team celebrate their win in the Midwest League Championships. They would complete the perfect season going
undefeated the entire season. This win would give them an chance to compete on national level as they were now headed to Sarnia, Canada for the
Silver Stick National Tournament. They would finish in fourth place among some of the best teams from North America and Canada.



Wendy's vs. Lessman Electric
Sioux City Auditorium

Bubba Lafrenz                                                                   Cory Mozak



  Dan Middleton    Bubba Lafrenz                              Anthony Krueger      Chris Krueger         


Sioux City Officials
 Bob Batcheller                                                                  Trent Mozak
Metros 1979-83 / USHL Official 1990-2010                                      Metros 1995-98 / Musketeers 1998-2001


Four Seasons vs. Great Plains
Sioux City Auditorium
Erin Dohrmann



Beau Erickson
SYHA 1991-02 / Metros 2002-04

Goaltender Beau Erickson is show here during his second season playing youth hockey. He would eventually play ten seasons as a youth
player then three more for the Metros. In 2003 the junior goaltender would lead the Metros to their sixth State/League Championship.




With Bantam aged players numbers now increasing, it was possible to field a Bantam team.  This would now allowed
 Bantam aged players to separate from the high school team and offer better opportunities and development at this level


Robbie Lessard
Metros 1996-00

Greg Gill             Robbie Lessard
Metros1996-99              Metros 1996-000 

The new season saw a SYHA establish an association record with 350 registered participants. That is double the players than
during the 88-89 season when SYHA experience a record low of only 175 skaters.

Sioux City has a great year for Tournament selections. They would be selected to host four Midwest League tournaments. the Bantam B and
Squirt A seeding rounds and the Peewee A and Bantam A Championships.

SYHA parents and supporters Mike McClennan (Fire Fighters Local #7) and Pat Scollard (Siouxland Health Service Local #153) donate the
Emergency Medical Service as required by the Midwest Hockey League.

Registration Fees: $40.00 First Year skaters / $125.00 per skater

Did You Know...that during the summer of 1995 after being selected from a Detroit Lakes Hockey Camp, Robbie Lessard played five games
 in the International Hockey Schools US/Norway Hockey Challenge. Players spent ten days in Norway playing in Oslo, Lillehammer and Honofus
rinks. Players were billeted with Norwegian families for the entire ten days.


94-94 PeeWee A

Members of the Peewee A travel team celebrate another tournament win.

This season marks the 25th season of SYHA/Metro Hockey in Sioux City

Faced with large enrolment numbers in the Peewee, Bantam and High School groups, SYHA stopped taking on new players in these age groups.
New skaters at the Tykes, Mites and Squirt levels were not effected.

Registration Fees: $50.00 First Year skaters / $135.00 per skater

Squirt A
Blue Mound, MN
Coach: Shane Keith Metros Class of '90 / Musketeers 1990-91

The Squirt A team poses with its newest piece of hardware, a tournament win in Blue Mound, MN. Members of the team are Members of the
Team are goalie Beau Erickson, Cody Muir, Nick Socknat, Chris Luette, Jon Soole, Clayton Gripp, Chase Kinchen, Dusty Jackson,
 Rick Charteir, Tyler Erickson, Kyle Jacobson, Alex Lukehart, Aaron Limoges, Ben Baczwaski, Ryan McClennen and Coach Shane Keith.

Did you know...that every player in this photo above who played to their senior year, either won a IHSHL State Championship,
played/officiated Junior A or Division 1 hockey or a combination of those.


Alex Lukehart
Metros 2001-04

Shown here as a first year Squirt, Alex Lukehart will eventually go on to win a IHSHL State Championship in 2003 and collect several
 High Scoring, All-Star and Academic honors along the way.


Squirt A
Coach:  Jim Fish Musketeers 1990-92  & Shane Keith Metros Class of '90 / Musketeers 1990-91

ID Player 1, ID Player 2, Alex Lukehart, ID Player3, Chase Kinchen and Coach Jim Fish



SYHA would start off the season in their own building. The 2.5 million dollar IBP Ice Center opened for youth and high school practices.
The new facility featured a NHL sized playing surface, four locker-rooms, coaches & referee rooms, pro shop and a concession and
large lobby area. The new building allowed SYHA to again begin to promote the program. For a number of years no new players were
allowed to join due to the limited practice and game times.

Siouxland Youth hockey and Metros officially adopt the standard uniform policy. It consists of a white helmet, black breezers & gloves
and matching socks and jerseys selected by the SYHA Board.

Did You Know...the orange seats currently in the IBP Ice Center were from the Auditorium.  Originally, the removable seats, "C" section,
These were the seats that folded in-out in front of the Balcony section.

Did You Know...Chautauqua Park and the Cloverleaf Cold Storage site (downtown) were the first proposed locations for the Ice Center

Ricky Chartier 1997-98 Peewee B
Midwest League Champions
Left: Ricky Charteir poses with the newest Peewee B hardware. Right: A salute to the hometown fans!!!

Sammy Schweigert   Ricky Charteir   Bobby Murphy
Metros 2000-03         Metros 2000-03       Metros 2000-03

PeeWee B Team Captains; Sammy Schweigert, Ricky Charteir and  Bobby Murphy pose with some of their hardware from their Midwest League
championship season

1997-98 Peewee B

Former Metros Pat Pinney & Steve Stokes and the Peewee B team get ready to board the Iron Lung for another weekend on the road

Did You just five short years most of these guys would be IHSHL State Champions!!!



Sioux City Hosts the IHSHL Junior Varsity (JV) State Tournament.

1998-99 Three Mozak-teers
Cory                  Trent                Brant
Metros 1999-01      Metros 1995-99      Metros 1997-99

Cory Mozak, the youngest of the Mozak brothers would play a pair of seasons (99-01) for the Metros. After his sophomore season
 he would move to Colorado where he would finish his high school hockey playing for the Denver Miners AAA hockey team.
 After that it was on to The NA for three seasons in Great Falls, Fargo and Helena where he would record 44 goals and 75 assists. He would
also play two season at the University of Wisconsin at Stout before returning to Sioux City where he became involved in SYHA.

Trent Mozak, the oldest of the brothers would play four seasons for the Metros and collect back to back IHSHL State Championships.
During both his junior and senior seasons he would split his time between the Metros and the Musketeers (USHL) logging 17 and 40 USHL
 games in addition to his high school schedule. After two additional seasons with the Musketeers where he posted 15 goals and 27 assists,
 but his trips to the box were the best.   H would record a total of  333 penalty minutes over those four seasons.

Brant Mozak would also play an abbreviated season with the Metros but during that time be a part of the Metros Back to back Stare
Championship run. His junior and senior seasons were spent in Colorado also playing for the Denver Miners AAA hockey team. He would
later return to Sioux City where he became active in the SYHA program and would eventually coach the Metros from 2009-2014


Peewee A
Jr Musketeers Brett Swanson, Alex Lukehart, Kyle Jacobson, Mike Pinney, Dusty Jackson, Chris Deck relax while checking out the
Modern Woodman Baseball Park in Quad Cities.



PeeWees vs. Kansas City Blades
Midwest League Finals / February 19th & 20th, 2000 / Sioux City Auditorium

Squirts vs. Des Moines Jr. Buccaneers
IBP Ice Center

Please help ID any of the players in these photos.                                Please help ID any of the players in these photos.

Jacob Wilde


Squirts House League
Left: Aspiring Official Beau Erickson drops the puck during a squirts house league tilt. Right: Squirt players Javi Jackson,
Nick Cownie,
ID This Player #5 & Id This player far right wait for their turn to take the ice.


Jr. Musketeers (Mite A) vs. Omaha Gladiators
February 3rd, 2001 / IBP Ice Center
Left: Goaltender Lee Noel makes a harrowing save while Adam Bornholtz, Andrew Bauer & ID This Player get ready for the draw.
Right: Jr. Musketeer players, Andrew Bauer,
Player 16 and Adam Bornholtz  should have any centering pass well covered.

Left: Player 8 and Player 17 look to work the puck closer to the Gladiators net. Right: Eric McGlauflin sees the biscuit on the
porch just waiting for an easy tap home.

Benny Holzrichter
Metros 2007-10

Ben Holzrichter would log 14 seasons as a SYHA player including three playing for the Metros. In 2010, his senior year, he would
receive SYHA's highest honor, the Ted Neby Award.

Lee Noel
Metros 2006-10
Lee Noel is shown here defending the net against the Omaha Gladiators. Lee would call this place in the paint home for 15 seasons
 including four seasons for the Metros. He would go on to play three seasons of Division II Club hockey for the Creighton Bluejays.


Jr. Musketeers (Mite B) vs. Sioux Falls Flyers
IBP Ice Center
    Left: Chase Rasmussen and goalie Ethan Flynn                           Right: Kenny Webster, ID Player in center, ID Player on right. 

Did You Know...That's future Metro goaltender Eric Hoffmeyer officiating this game. He would go on to play goal for the Metros for
 three seasons and be apart of the 2003 State Championship team his sophomore year.

Goaltender Ethan Flynn get ready for the draw in his defensive zone, the puck is dropped and he steers the impending shot into the corner.

Sioux City forwards wait for their shot to light the lamp in this game vs. the Sioux Falls Flyers.


IBP Ice Center
Defenseman Tyler Hansen moves in to help-out goaltender Adam Suing. Both of these players would finish their youth careers with
the Metros. Tyler and Adam would play for the Metros four seasons (02-06) and be a part of the Metros 2003 IHSHL Championship team.


2000-01 Midwest League Peewee Champions
Head Coach: Dave LeGree SC Musketeers 1977-80, Musketeers HOF '90
Asst. Coach: Mike Bennett
Metros Class of '80 /SC Musketeers 80-81
Left: Kevin Lohry was on of the Midwest League's stand-out offensive players. Posting points in almost every game, Kevin was a
constant scorer and play maker. Right: The biggest and strongest defensive duo in the league right here; Kyle Bennett and Marshall
made it nearly impossible for opponents to get in close enough to shoot on goalie Adam Suing, let alone do much scoring.

Coaches Mike Bennett and Dave LeGree enjoy some down time after a Midwest League Championship. Many of these players in this
group would go on to be a part of the 2003 Metros State Championship title and many successful seasons following that victory.

Did You Know...Mike Bennett was the Jr. Musketeers goaltender for four seasons (1976-80) where he led the high schoolers to a
third place State Championship finish.

Jr. Musketeers (Squirts) vs. Omaha Mavericks
March 10th, 2001 / IBP Ice Center


2000-01 Midwest League Bantam Champions
Coaches: Jimmy Peck SC Musketeers 1977-80, Musketeers HOF '89
Steve Stokes Metros Class of '97

Midwest League Champions include Back: Andrew Galinsky, Rob Witchey, Chris Deck, Darin Rife, David Lane, Dusty Jackson, Kyle Jacobson,
 Brett Swanson and in the front Ben Kambach, Beau Erickson, Chase Kinchen, Daniel Limoges, Eric Hoffmeyer, Alex Lukehart & Benny Held.

Bantam A
Jr. Musketeers vs. the Kansas City Stars / IBP Ice Center
Left: Alternate captain Alex Lukehart gets ready to take the draw from first year local referee Chad Stewart.
Alex slows down to make a change.

Did You Know...after playing for the Metros and Omaha Lancers AAA during high school, Chad Stewart  would play two seasons
 in the USHL. After a return to Sioux City, he began coaching at the youth level, later he became a USA Hockey Official. He worked youth,
 high school & college club, eventually joining the USAH Officials Development Program where he was a USHL official for three seasons.

Dusty Jackson
Siouxland Youth Hockey Association
Dusty Jackson would finish out his high school days playing AAA in Omaha. After that it was on to the North American League
for three seasons splitting time between Billings, Montana and Owatonna, Minnesota where he recorded 41 goals, 69 assists and
245 penalty minutes. Play like this landed him a spot on the University of Denver Pioneers where he would play five seasons. He
would miss his junior season due to a injury but return for his senior season. Using his missed year eligibility returned for a fifth
season where he captained the Pioneers.


ID these Bantam Players #28 and  Player on Right


Kyle Eyer             Brandon Vitos                               Kyle Eyer                Brandon Vitos
Metros 02-05                       SYHA                                                 Metros 02-05                          SYHA             
Kyle Eyer and Brandon Vitos are shown here in both pictures. Kyle would play three seasons (02-05) as a Metro and be a part of
the Metros' 2003 State Championship title.  Brandon would log a pair of additional SYHA seasons before the gridiron came calling.

        ID This Player                                                           Cody McBride       Chase Peterson
SYHA                 Metros 2002-05
Left: I will need your help IDing this Jr. Musketeer captain. Right: Cody McBride & Chase Peterson. Chase would log three seasons
(02-05) as Metros and be a part of the 2003 State Championship team. Cody McBride would play just two more SYHA seasons.

Did You Know...that's  IHSHL State Champions Ryan (2003) and  Jeremy (1999) McClennen's dad, reffing this game.
Mike was a USA Hockey official for nine seasons and was a staple at most Sioux City youth games.

Eric Hoffmeyer
Metros 02-05
Goaltender Eric Hoffmeyer shown here in net against the Omaha Mavericks. Eric would play three seasons for the Metros. His first
season was 2002-03 when the Metros would win the IHSHL State Championship. As a rookie he did log time as part of the
championship team but mainly carried the mail as the starting JV goaltender. He would post an overall winning record of 28-15-12.

Midwest League Bantam A Champions
Quad Cities, IA

Left: Midwest League Champions Darin Rife, Dusty Jackson, Kyle Jacobson and Alex Lukehart sit outside the John
O'Donnell Stadium (now called Modern Woodman Stadium) and just below the Centennial Bridge in Quad Cities. Right: Alex
shows off another piece of hardware for his trophy case.


Jr. Musketeers vs. Waterloo Blackhawks
Left: Eric McLaughlin and Nick Holmes dig the puck out along the boards. Right: Larkin Jacobson waits for as centering
pass that should be coming any second now.
Larkin Jacobson would play  his youth hockey in Sioux City, but transfer to Shattuck/St Mary's where he would play out his high
school years. He would also spend two seasons playing for the Janesville Jets (NAHL) before he would play four seasons for the
University of Denver Pioneers (NCAA)

Everyone but the Waterloo goalie knows, this is gonna be another Sioux City Goal.  Larkin Jacobson works the front of the
net while Andrew Bauer adds another goal to his stats. Right: Eric McGlauflin joins the celebration.

Left: It takes two Waterloo defensemen to contain high scoring Justin Thiele as he sets up camp in front of the net.
The Blackhawks leave Justin wide open as he waits for a shot from the point.

Left: Eric McGlauflin slips one past the Waterloo goaltender. Right: Justin Thiele takes off after winning the draw to his right winger



    Justin Thiele         Bob Batcheller         Patrick Hauswirth
Metros 2006-09             Metros 1979-83                 Metros 2005-09
Future Metro players Justin Thiele and Patrick Hauswirth take the draw from a past Metro player Bob Batcheller.
would play three seasons (06-09) for the Metros. His freshman year he posted 13 varsity &12 JV points points and received
the Metros Rookie of the Year Award. He would be a two-time Metros top five penalty minutes guy and his senior season broke
into the top five Metro scorers as well. 
would play thee seasons (05-08) as a Metro and forgo his senior season to other obligations.  However, his junior season saw
 him record a dozen goals (six Varsity & six JV) and 26 assists (five Varsity & 21 JV) overall as well as rank as
 a top five penalty minutes leader his final season as a junior.

Jr. Musketeers vs. Kansas City Stars / November 10th, 2001
Colt Ludwig         Nate Rose                             Josh Sachnoff           Ben Kambach
Metros 04-07           Metros 04-07                                        Metros 04-08                   Metros 02-05
Left: Defenseman Nate Rose (Metros 04-07) and Forward Colt Ludwig (Metros 04-08) covering the front of the net while
goaltender Josh Sachnoff (Metros 04-08) freezes the puck.  Right: Josh Sachnoff , forward Ben Kambach (Metros 02-05) and
another Sioux City player watch as the play moves behind the net.

Ben Kambach
Metros 02-05
Left: Ben Kambach concentrates on the official as he prepared to drop the puck. Right: Here he provides some defense as the Stars
prepare to shoot on goaltender Josh Sachnoff.

Ben Kambach would go on to play three seasons as a Metro. Logging time on the varsity as a sophomore, he would record four goals
and nine assists (13 points) on the way to a Metros State Championship. He was also a top five junior varsity scorer with 5 goals and
14 assists (19 points). His junior and senior seasons saw him crack both the varsity High Scorers and Heavy Hitters top five; racking
up 50 points and 126 penalty minutes.  In 2005 he would receive the Metros Dustin White Award.

Did You Know...Ben's dad Paul Kambach was a member of the Jr. Musketeers for three seasons (77-80). During his junior season
he was a top five high scorer & heavy hitter and during his senior season he was the team's leading scorer as well as a top five hitter.
He was also the Jr. Musketeers Most Valuable Player.

Josh Sachnoff            ID This Player                                              Tyler Noreen      
Metros 2004-08                    Metros ??-??                                                             Metros 2003-04    
Left: Defenseman ID This Player watch the front of the net while goalie Josh Sachnoff track the puck. Right: Tyler Noreen gets
physical as he tries to slow down the Kansas City attack.

Josh Sachnoff (04-08) would play four seasons as a Metro goaltender. He would split time between varsity and JV and finish
those three seasons  with a 10-14-5 record . Freshman Tyler Noreen would play just a single season (03-04) for the Metros. 


Brett Swanson
Metros 2001-04

Past Metro player Brett Swanson drops the puck in this game pitting the Jr. Musketeers against the Kansas City Stars. Brett
was part of the Metros 2003 IHSHL State Championship team as well as an IHSHL All-Star Player. After high school he would
become a USA Hockey official where he would work high school, midget and college club levels.

Derek Jacobson
Metros 200?
Derek Jacobson would be a long time SYHA player, but prior to his first season as a Metros player, he would transfer to the
 Shattuck/St. Mary's hockey program where he would play his high school hockey. After graduation he would play a pair of
seasons for the Janesville Jets (NAHL) and then on to four seasons playing for the University of St. Thomas.

Adam Axthlem
Metros 2004-07
Left: Adam Axthlem takes one in the back from the Omaha defenseman. Right: Here the Omaha D leaven Adam wide open
as he chases the puck into the corner. Adam would log three seasons as a Metro player (04-07). In 2011 he would become a
member of the USA Hockey Officials program. He currently works the high school, midget and college club levels.

Marshall Tuttle                                                           Eric McGlauflin
Metros 2003-07                                                                                 Metros  200?-??
Marshall Tuttle: It was straight to the varsity team for Marshall where he would log four seasons as a Metro player. During his
final two seasons; he was a Academic Achievement Award recipient,  lead the Metros in scoring, be selected as a League All-Star
player and a member of the All-League Team & Chicago Showcase team. He was the Metros Most Valuable Player his senior
season as well as SYHA's highest honor the Ted Neby Award.

Did You Know...After declining an invitation to play for the Musketeers (USHL), Marshall joined the Morningside Mustangs football
team where he spent four seasons collecting tackles and awards. Marshall's finest season was his senior year. The Mustangs finished with a
10-2 season and a third in a row trip to NAIA post season play. Along the way he amassed a very impressive list of Morningside & GPAC honors!!!

2010 GPAC Defensive Player of the Year
 *  2010 American Football Coaches Association (AFCA) NAIA All-American Team
2010 Victory Sports Network (VSN) NAIA Coaches All-American  Team   *   2010 Daktronics NAIA Scholar Athlete
2010 ESPN Academic All-District VII  Team   *   2010 Mustangs Leading Tackler  *   2010 Mustangs Most Valuable Player 
 2010 William Campbell Trophy Post Graduate Scholarship Finalist (Tim Tebow won this award in 2009!!!)

2009 Mustangs Leading Tackles  *  2009 GPAC All-Team  Selection

Derek Jacobson
Metros 2000?-??

Tyler Tunning
Siouxland Youth Hockey Association


Sioux City vs. Des Moines Jr. Buccaneers / January 19th, 2002

Nate Colwell
Siouxland Youth Hockey Association

Nate Colwell spent his early seasons as a SYHA player, however during his Bantam season he would make a move to an out of state
 AAA program where he would finish his high school eligibility.  Headed to the NAHL he would spend a pair of seasons in Alaska playing
for the Kenai River Bears. A trade would move him to the bottom of the hemisphere where he finished the season playing in Corpus
Christi (IceRays-NAHL) He is currently playing for the Brookings Blizzard (NAHL)

Chad McCormick                     Baxter Strachan                   Eric (Thorny) Rapp
               Metros 1984-87               Siouxland Youth Hockey Association     Siouxland Youth Hockey Association

Baxter Strachan was a long time SYHA player through Bantams, he then transferred to the Omaha Lancers AAA program where he
played out his high school seasons. After high school he would play two seasons in the ECHL for the Bay State Breakers. He is
currently playing for the Plymouth State College Panthers members of the Massachusetts Athletic Conference. 

Also Pictured above are past SYHA and Metro players Chad McCormick and Eric Rapp. Chad was a Metro player for three
years (1984-87) and was a USA Hockey Official for ten seasons.  Eric was also a SYHA player but stopped playing to concentrate
on officiating. Both Chad and Eric would go on to work high school & college club levels. Eric would also advance to the junior level
 and work in the Minnesota High School League as well.

Ryan Halverson                                                                 Josh Quesenberry
Metros 2008-11                                                                                         Metros 2008-12
Ryan Halverson:
Josh Quesenberry:


Sioux City vs. Des Moines Jr. Buccaneers / February  17th, 2002
Mitchell Vos                                                          Jeremiah Navarette   
            Metros 2007-11                                                                 Siouxland Youth Hockey Association     
Left: Mitchell Vos take the draw in a tile against the Des Moines Buccaneers. Mitch played for the Metros for four seasons (2007-11).
He was a two-time Metros high top scorer and heavy hitter and lead the Metros in scoring during his senior season. He would be selected
to both the All-Star Team and the America's Showcase Team as well as receive the Metros Most Valuable Player.

Right: Pictured near the bench during a time-out as the coached give the Jr. Musketeer their final instructions. Other players pictured
are Jeremiah Navarette. He would play SYHA through Bantams where he would pursue swimming as his sport of choice. he would go
on to be a stand-out Sioux City high school swimmer. He would swim three seasons at Morningside (GPAC) before taking over the
head coaching duties of the Sioux City Mariners youth & high school swim team.

Did You Know...Jeremiah's older brother is Eddie Navarette who was a three season Metro player and a 2003 State Champion and
recipient of  the SYHA's Ted Neby Award.

ID These Player                                                       ID This Player ??? Ward
  Metros 20??-??                                                                                       Metros 20??-??          



Sioux City vs. Kansas City Blades / November 16th, 2003 / Sioux City Auditorium
Larkin Jacobson                                                         Derek Jacobson
Siouxland Youth Hockey Association                                             Siouxland Youth Hockey Association
Brothers Larkin Jacobson and Derek Jacobson would both be a part of the SYHA program for many seasons, however, both players
would transfer to Minnesota where they would join the Shattuck/St. Mary's high school hockey programs.  After graduation, both
brothers would see two seasons each in the North American League playing for the Janesville Jets. Larkin would go on to play four
seasons at the University of Denver and Derek four seasons at the University of St. Thomas.

Ryan Thorsland
Metros 2004-07

   Justin Thiele
Metros 2006-09
Left: Justin Thiele gets ready for the draw. Right: Justin clears the front of the net so that the someone can clear that puck.
Future Metro player Justin Thiele would play three seasons (06-09) for the Metros. His freshman year he posted 13 varsity &
12 JV points and received the Metros Rookie of the Year Award. He would be a two-time Metros top five penalty minutes
guy and his senior season he would break into the top five Metro high scorers as well. 

           Carter Buckmeier                                              Bobby Marx                        Lee Noel
                         Metros 2006-08                                              Siouxland Youth Hockey Association         Metros 2006-10
Carter Buckmeier would log just a pair of seasons as a Metro Player. During his freshman season he would be a top
ten Metro JV scorer with nine points and his next season a top five scorer with eight points.

Bobby Marx would join the SYHA program but make a move out of town during his Bantam season. He would join an out of
state AAA program for his high school seasons. He would head to Topeka, Kansas to play in the North American League for the
Roadrunners for four seasons. There he would record 13 goals and 47 assists as well as 127 penalty minutes. He would then play
four seasons at St. Mary's University in Minnesota.

Lee Noel
would call the crease his home for 15 seasons,  including four seasons (06-10) for the Metros. He would go on to
play four seasons of Division II Club hockey for the Creighton Bluejays.

                     Rob Casper                                                         CJ Nolen                  Justin Thiele
Metros 1982-86  / Sioux City Musketeers 1986-88                Siouxland Youth Hockey Association         Metros 2006-09  
Left: Coach Rob Casper meets with the team during a timeout at the Sioux City Auditorium. Right: CJ Nolen and Justin Thiele
focus on the face-off drop.


Sioux City vs. Mason City / IBP Ice Center / January 11th, 2003

Ben Holzrichter
Metros 2007-10

Ben Holzrichter would go on to play three seasons as a Metro. Top ten scorer his senior year and recipient of SYHA's highest honor the Ted Neby award


                ID Peterson                                               Ryan Fraley                  Tyler Van Buskirk
Siouxland Youth Hockey Association                          Siouxland Youth Hockey Association           Metros 20??-??
ID Peterson:
Ryan Fraley:
Tyler Van Buskirk:

Did You Know...That's past Metro Goaltender Ryan McClennen wearing the stripes in this game. Ryan would go in to be a part of the
2002 Metros State Championship team the following season.

Adam Bornholtz
Metros 2007-10


Adam Bornholtz would log three seasons for the Metros. He would play a few JV games but it was mostly a full schedule for varsity.
During his freshman season he would record five goals & six assists. He would continue to up his offence the following season with six goals
 and eleven assists. His senior season was his best, breaking into the Metros top five scorers with ten goals and seven assists.


Sioux City vs. Omaha Gladiators / January 18th, 2003 / IBP Ice Center
Chris Bullock

Metros 2007-10
Left: Chris Bullock sees a great chance to pick up his own rebound and put it past the Omaha goalie. Right: This one eventually
slips under the pads and into the net for a Sioux City goal. Chris would play three seasons for the Metros. He would split time
between JV and varsity his first two seasons and play a full varsity season his senior year. While not a pure goal scorer, he did
record eight goals and seven assists overall.

Austin Ward
Metros 2008-11
Austin Ward:

Kody Reuter
Metros 2008-09 / 2010-11
Defenseman Kody Reuter arrives here as goalie Austin Ward stops play. Kody would eventually become a stand-out defenseman
measuring in at 6'2"  180 his freshman season. His size and speed allowed him to control the game on the blueline and recorded 18 overall
 points his first season. He would spend his sophomore season playing in Kansas City AAA where an injury brought him back to the Metros
for his junior season. He would show-up bigger, faster and much more knowledgeable of the game. Now playing a smart physical game he
would become a top four Metro scorer. His senior season he would make the move to the North American League where he would spend
three seasons playing for the Austin Bruins. He is currently playing D1 College Club hockey at Iowa State.

Left: Austin Ward gets lots of help from his defense here as the Gladiators try to apply some scoring pressure. Right: Eric McGlauflin
tries to clear the front of the net so goaltender Austin Ward has some room top work.

Senior Day 2004 Brett (Swany) Swanson
SYHA 10 Seasons / Metros 3 Seasons
2003 IHSHL State Champions

Senior Day. February 22nd, 2004. Proud Mom and Dad!!!

Sioux City vs. Lincoln Jr. Stars / January 10th, 2004 / IBP Ice Center
Larkin Jacobson
Siouxland Youth Hockey Association
Left: Larkin Jacobson tracks the play as he get ready to move up ice. Right: Here he readies himself for the face-off against the
Stars. Larkin would eventually move to Minnesota where he would join the Shattuck/St. Mary's Hockey program. After high
school he would play two season in the North American League for the Janesville Jets then four season for the University of Denver Pioneers

Left: Carter Buckmeier, Mike Flynn and the other Jr. Musketeers prepare to move the puck out of the zone & get back on the attack.
 Right: Larkin Jacobson tracks the puck that past Metro and current USA Hockey official Ricky Charteir has just dropped.

Rick Charteir played three seasons (00-03) for the Metros and was a member of the Metros 2003 Statre Championship team. Already
with six seasons officiating experience by this time, Rick became a member of the USA Hockey Officials Development Program. He
worked a regular schedule of youth, high school, midget AAA, college club and USHL games for another five seasons.

Justin Thiele
Metros 2006-09
Team Captains Justin Thiele and Larkin Jacobson look to apply the pressure to the Stars goalie as they look for a centering
pass from to he corner. Justin always had a terrific work ethic and provided offensive support in every game. He would play three
seasons (06-09) for the Metros. His freshman year he posted 13 varsity & 12 JV points and receive the Metros Rookie of the Year
.  He was a two-time Metros Heavy Hitter and his senior season he would break into the top five Metro high scorers as well. 

Left: Goaltender Lee Noel watched Mitchell Vos try to corral the puck away from the Stars forward. Right: Larkin Jacobson
gets ready for the puck to hit the ice.

New Ulm, MN
Coaches meet with the team during a time-out in the championship game in New Ulm, Minnesota. Right: Jr. Musketeers
Carter Purdy, Baxter Strachan and Josh Quesenberry, pose with their newest piece of 1st Place hardware.

Eddie Navarette SYHA Ted Neby Award
Metros 2001-04

Senior Metro player Eddie Navarette receives the 2004 SYHA Ted Neby Award from SYHA President Maxine Buckmeier

Squirts Midwest League Finals
Tyson Event Center


Bowling with the Musketeers...
...and two future USA Hockey National Champions

Left: Musketeers Max Pacioretty and Blake Martin and (Right) Dustin Gazley take a break from the annual "Bowling with the
Musketeers" Booster Club event to get pictures with SYHA brothers Max and Drake Beller. Max Pacioretty would spend a
single season University of Michigan before moving to the NHL where he played ten season for the Canadians and is currently
playing for the Golden Knights, Blake a three season Musketeer veteran would play for the UNO Mavericks and Dustin play
 four seasons for Michigan State, eight seasons in the ECHL/AHL and is currently playing in the Germany Elite League.

Drake and Max Beller would both go on to be Sioux City Metro stand-out players in the Midwest High School Hockey League.
During the 2017-18 season Drake would lead the league in scoring with sixty-nine points in just twenty-eight games. He would be
a three-time Metros top five scorer and a two-time All-Star and All- League player. Max is currently playing for the Metros where
his is a second-time Metros top scorer and potential League All-Star.

  Both players would help lead the Sioux City Metros to the Midwest Leagues triple crown title bringing home the regular season and
tournament championships as well as USA Hockey's 2018 National Championship.

Ben Morehead - Bantams
 Turkeys on Ice Tournament / November 27-29th, 2009 / Brookings, SD


2009-10 Three Musketeers  Tykes

Reeder, Nick & Robbie Batcheller first season Tykes (2009-10). SYHA Pancake day at the Tyson Event Center.

Robbie Batcheller                                            Nick Batcheller                                           Reeder Batcheller

Robbie and Reeder both played a single season (09-10) in SYHA. Nick Continued on for two more seasons (10-12)

2010-11 PeeWee Gold
Midwest League Champions

Head Coach: Dave LeGree SC Musketeers 1977-80, Musketeers HOF '90
Asst. Coach: Dale Frerichs Metros Class of  '90



2010-11 Nick Batcheller Scores His First Goal

Nick scores his first goal (March 13th, 2011) in the Worthington, MN. Mites Winter fest Tournament.
A 9-0 Championship win over the Windom Eagles.

Mites Gold Champions
Worthington, MN

Left: Former Metro players Bob Batcheller, Brett Austin and Scott Patrick lead the Mite Gold team to a championship win in Worthington.

Sammy Holzrichter
Metros 2012-16


Nick Batcheller Squirt Green 2011-12
Taken on January 2nd, 2012. Squirts Green vs. Sioux Falls (A) lose 4-2 and the second game vs. Sioux Fall (B) 10-2 win.
(Nick Picks up his first Assist in that win). First season for this style jerseys for all Sioux City youth and HS/JV teams.

Squirt Green Champions
Worthington, MN
Left: Terry Baker and former Metro players Jessie Monell, Scott Patrick and Brian Augustine lead the squirt green team to their first
championship of the 2011-12 season. Right: Nick Batcheller shows of the booty from a weekend of hard work.

Nick Batcheller
Squirt Green

Squirt Nick Batcheller mugs for the camera while watching a game on the road that season.

Squirt Green
Mason City Tournament Champions
Left: Nick Batcheller, T.J. Norris and Charlie Baker celebrate their tournament win in Mason City, IA. Right: Logan Augustine,
Smith Archer, Nick Batcheller, Colin Patrick and Chandler Pithan pose with the newest piece of SYHA hardware.

Benny Holzrichter
Metros 2007-10 / USA Hockey Official 20





Bauer Brothers

Nate Sam Andrew Nick



Bantam A Champions                                                  PeeWee Green Champions
Detroit Lakes Youth Tournament / December 7th-8th, 2013                Fargo Freeze Youth Tournament / January 7th-8th, 2014
Left: The Jr. Musketeers take home Bantam championship honors in the Detroit Lakes Youth Tournament. They came back from a 3-1
score to win the Championship over St. Paul Johnson-Como 6-3. They also defeated teams from Fargo and Minot.

Right: The PeeWee Green team traveled to Fargo and defeated the Stillwater (MN) Ponies in the championship game.


6th Annual Musketeers Pink in the Rink
Musketeers 5 - Waterloo Blackhawks 2 / October 27th, 2013

Jr. Musketeer Smith Archer shown here with his mom and both his grandmas, drops the ceremonial puck as the 6th Annual Musketeers
Pink in the Rink game gets underway. Pictured are Waterloo center John Wiitala and Musketeer Trevor Olson

Peewee Green A2 Champions

Left: PeeWee Green Champions Right: Tyler Ownby and Colin Patrick


Smith Archer
Peewee A

Peewee A
Sioux City vs. Eden Prairie

I Need your help ID'ing these Sioux City Players

Peewee Gold

Jarren Hollingshed Peewees


Bantam Gold


Peewee Gold
Coaches: Chad Lynch  &  Jeff Vaydich (Sioux City Musketeers 1988-89)
Peewees capture a pair of  2nd place finishes in St. Cloud and Chaska Minnesota Tournaments. 

Left: Front Keegan DeVries, Jack Sanderson  Middle: Devon Hansen, Brodey Ballinger, Drake Anderson, Nate Feenstra, Landon Topf,
 Brendon Lynch, Jake Posson and Cale Pittenger.  Back: Zach Railsback, Mason Vaydich and Cayden Pittenger.  

Right: Keegan DeVries, Brodey Ballinger, Brendon Lynch, Jack Sanderson.  Middle:  Devon Hansen, Zach Railsback,
Landon Topf, Cale Pittenger, Nate Feenstra, Brandon Ogle, Jake Posson
Top:  Mason Vaydich and Cayden Pittenger.


Bantams: Moorhead, MN 2nd place  /  First place Albert Lea tournament


    Colin Patrick                                                                    Logan Augustine
Bantams A                                                                                               Bantams A


T.J. Norris                                                                 Tanner Oban
Bantam A                                                                                            Bantam A

Chandler Pithan                                                         Smith Archer
  Bantam A                                                                                      Bantam A

Kolton Kane
Bantam A








**************************************Player Photos From Start to Finish**************************************

Chad Markham (11 Seasons) SYHA/Metros 1979-1990
SYHA 8 Seasons / Metros 3 Seasons
1988 & 1989 IHSHL State Champion Runner-up

  1979-80 Mites                      1983-84 PeeWees                           1984-85 PeeWees                       1989-90 Metros


Ricky Charteir (14 Seasons) SYHA/Metros 1989-2003
SYHA 11 Seasons / Metros 3 Seasons
2003 IHSHL State Champion
1989-90 Tykes                               1992-93 Mites                            1995-96 Squirts                     2002-03 Metros


Bob Batcheller (10 Seasons) SYHA/Metros 1973-1983
SYHA 6 Seasons / Metros 4 Seasons
1980 & 81 Third Place State Tournament Finishes

            1975-76 PeeWees                        1978-79 Bantams                     1981-82 Metros (JR)             1982-83 Metros (SR)


                   Kirk Swanson     Kirsten Charteir      Chris Swanson        Shane Keith  Bert Post
                                      1978-1985                             1996-98                                        1978-1988                             1977 -1990             1976-1990

                          7 Seasons SYHA/Metros      2 Seasons SYHA/Metros       10 Seasons SYHA/Metros      13 Seasons / 14 Seasons SYHA/Metros


     Dawn Keller                                     Derrick Ames  1987-1994                         
SYHA 6 Seasons /  Metros 3 Seasons                           
9 Seasons SYHA/Metros                           1993 State Championship Runner-up & 1994 IHSHL State Champion                                       

                                                                       1987-88 Squirts                   1992-93 Metros                1993-94 Metros

Jade Pospeshil
SYHA 10 Seasons / Metros 4 Seasons
1991 & 1992 IHSHL Champion

Tykes 1987-88                            Mites 1980-81                             Junior 1990-91

Joel Kempner
SYHA 9 Seasons / Metros 4 Seasons
IHSHL State Champion
Sophomore 1900-01                                        Junior 2001-02                                              Senior  2002-03


Dan Holzrichter (9 Seasons) 1972-1981
SYHA 6 Seasons / Metros 3 Seasons

Bantams 77-78                         Jr. Musketeers 78-79                         Jr. Musketeers 79-80                         Metros 80-81


Chad McCormick (10 Seasons) SYHA/Metros 1977-1987
SYHA 7 Seasons / Metros 3 Seasons

1978-79 Squirts                         1981-82 PeeWees                        1982-83 Bantams

Tim McCormick (14 Seasons) SYHA/Metros 1976-1990
SYHA 11 Seasons / Metros 3 Seasons

   1979-80 Mites                               1980-81 Squirts                           1984-85   Bantam                        1989-90 Metros


Bert Post (14 Seasons) SYHA/Metros 1976-1990
SYHA 10 Seasons / Metros 4 Seasons
1988 & 1990 State Championship Runner-up

       1982-83 Squirts                         1983-84 PeeWees                       1986-87 Bantams                        1988-89 Metros

 Nick Mills                                             Casey Mills
SYHA 4 Seasons / Metros 3 Seasons                           SYHA 9 Seasons / Metros 4 Seasons
1998 IHSHL State Champion                                        1999 IHSHL State Champion  


Robbie Lessard
SYHA  9 Seasons / Metros 4 Season
1998 & 1999 IHSHL State Champion

*******************************Individual Player Shots that need a Home**********************************


PeeWee B (1997-98)  Team Captains                        Squirt Green 2011-12
Sammy Schweigert, Ricky Chartier and Bobby Murphy                               Worthington, MN Tournament Champs

Sammy, Ricky & Bobby display a season's worth of hard work  &  Nick Batcheller shows-of f  his first piece of tournament hardware

Bob Batcheller Bantams (1978-79)      Ricky Chartier PeeWee (1997-98)
                         This Bantam player would love to have that hair back!!!                                 So Would This Pee Player!!!                                          









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1997-98 Single Game "Birthday Girl Special"

Worn during the 1997-98 season in a single game by Brant Mozak. Happy Birthday Mom!!!
Three color tackle-twill logo and numbers. NNOB. Sponsor screened on back hem. Made by Hooter Sportswear. Size XL.

This would have been the final season of this style jersey before the "wave" style.


This Eagles jersey was worn sometime during the Eagle’s seasons in Sioux City. I do not know a lot of information about the Eagles and would be more than happy to hear your input. Dureen material, cut sleeves, tons of wear. This Eagles jersey was worn sometime during the Eagle’s seasons in Sioux City. I do not know a lot of information about the Eagles and would be more than happy to hear your input. Dureen material, cut sleeves, tons of wear.   
Circa 1970
I need Your Information

Kevin's first goal story